• Providing support, comfortably.

    Providing support, comfortably.

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The CharleyWrap is a supportive device for children with low truncal tone

The CharleyWrap was created for our beautiful little girl, Charley who has severe cerebral palsy. The unique design of the CharleyWrap has enabled our daughter to achieve a degree of independence we had never thought possible. The support offered by the brace is such that Charley is able to: sit in a chair unaided, be propped up with one hand, and sleep without positioning aids.

We believe that it is a fabulous positioning tool, potentially a viable alternative to other bracing systems, and, for Charley and the other children currently using it, there is now hope of avoiding any future spinal surgeries - hope now exists where there was none before. We can’t wait to share the benefits of CharleyWrap with you.
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How the CharleyWrap can help your child

The CharleyWrap has a wide range of potential applications:

  • As a support and positioning tool in the day-to-day handling of children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy.
  • As a support tool for children with low truncal tone or postural difficulties such as scoliosis or Marfan Syndrome.
  • As an alternative to any other kind of hard brace that would be uncomfortable and not useful.


Charley Wrap Maroon


  • The CharleyWrap does not create pressure sores, and does not restrict breathing.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Its discrete design means that no-one can even tell it is being worn.
  • Because the CharleyWrap is not bulky, users are able to continue to use equipment (such as high chairs, standing frames and car seats) without replacements being necessary.
  • It can eliminate the need for Sleep Systems.
  • Every aspect of the design has been well thought out - from the choice of fabrics used to the multi function fastening system; to the specific dimensional ratios; and the placement of the boning.
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What our customers have to say

  • JAKE

    Last night when you instructed me on how to put the CharleyWrap on Jake he was upset, but that's normal for having something new, and Jake would have been thinking "what's this I have to wear, something else uncomfy"... but this morning after putting it on and he was in his chair, I asked him how it felt... he gave me his usual massive, lovely smile... Continue reading
  • ALEX

    We have found the CharleyWrap to be an easy to fit, easy to wash, easy to dry, affordable, quality piece of equipment. Alex shows no signs of discomfort wearing it for extended periods of time, and we can clearly see it will make a big difference to maintaining Alex’s physical needs for a comfortable future... Continue reading

    His parents, wanting to give their son the best possible support for his condition without compromising his quality of life, chanced upon the CharleyWrap... Continue reading

    I'm so pleased with my Charley Wrap! I'm able to wear clothes I never could with that plastic turtle shell thing. And it really does make me feel protected. Thank you sooo much for inventing it... Continue reading
    Kathy, 72, USA

    Phoenix slumps over to the side. He finds it painful. With the CharleyWrap he feels supported. We also have proof that his curve is improving. The doctor said his back is staying flexible and isn't rigid. Phoenix swears by his Wrap. He only takes it off to shower or sleep. This is his third one... Continue reading
    Margo, NZ

    I just received Ashley's CharleyWrap, It's pretty amazing, I put it on her and put her in her wheelchair and she's sitting straight up. I'm truly amazed, the sceptic I am... Continue reading
    Laurie, USA

    I want to thank the inspiration for the Charley Wrap again, Ms. Charley herself! Charley you're a bright light with the gift of helping others achieve their dreams. It's a Wrap of encouragement, love, and "you can do it," all mixed together. Thank you, sweet girl... Continue reading
    Tina, USA

    We are about to be measured for our 5th Charley Wrap. Elijah is way more compliant to wearing something that is comfortable and kinda cool. He has been likened to Iron Man with his special suit... Continue reading

    Wow! We got the wrap today. David can sit in his wheelchair without shoulder straps. :) It is a wonderful thing... Continue reading