Elijah was born with Prune Belly Syndrome - the absence of abdominal muscles and urology abnormalities. As his bladder now up to 20 times the size it should be he started leaning and so did his spine. We had casting and a solid plastic brace made but when we arrived for fitting it didn't fit! A child with nothing to hold his internal organs in place changes shape often. We needed a wrap that was somewhat adjustable, had some give for his changing shape but still enough support for his spine and belly. This is when we heard about Charley Wraps. We approached orthotics and they hesitantly ordered one for the first time.

That was many years ago now and we are about to be measured for our 5th Charley Wrap. Elijah is way more compliant to wearing something that is comfortable and kinda cool. He has been likened to Iron Man with his special suit.