My original reason for purchasing the Charley Wrap was for hippotherapy (horseback riding) so he could concentrate on reining and turning his head. He has been riding for about 5 years. This past fall someone mentioned "rodeo" to him so he had it in his head he was going. You actually have to have your director's approval to go....in other words, you have to earn your spot on the team. He worked so hard in class, outside of class, with friends at school, etc. We did not find out he made the team until the week of the rodeo (Top Hands Horse Show). We really did not know if he would make it or not, seriously. I burst into tears when I found out.

He started his first event on Saturday, February 17th, around 8 a.m. He was to guide his horse around barrels in a weaving fashion as quick as you can. He got 4th place! His last event, and most difficult, was Western Equitation, where you follow in a circle around the arena, change directions, start/stop, sit up straight all in a line while a judge comes up and talks to you, then you back your horse up, move it forward, then smile at the judge. He got 3rd place!

His favorite event was Trail. This is going over obstacles, around barrels, around cones, going in a chute, backing up, stopping your horse in just the right spot, and most importantly, smile at the judges when you are done and sit up as straight as possible. He got 1st place!! Actually, he "buckled," which means he now owns a giant belt buckle with "1st Place Trail" on it.

I want to thank the inspiration for the Charley Wrap again, Ms. Charley herself! Charley you're a bright light with the gift of helping others achieve their dreams. It's a Wrap of encouragement, love, and "you can do it," all mixed together. Thank you, sweet girl.

Tina, USA